Name: Nrushad Joshi

Email Nrushad here.

Position: President

Year: Sophomore

Major: Intelligent Systems Engineering

Specialization: Computer Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Favorite Class: My favorite class is E101 Software Systems Engineering. I loved this class because of the professor Bryce Himebaugh. He is very engaging teacher and excellent python instructor.

Fun Fact: I like to read memoir of entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is my favorite memoir.

Name: Allie Godfrey

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Position: Vice President

Year: Junior

Major: Intelligent Systems Engineering

Specialization: Bio engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Favorite Class: ENGR-E221 – Intelligent Systems I “My favorite class so far is Intelligent Systems I with Dr. Paul Macklin, which introduces the concept of intelligent systems and different AI and machine learning algorithms they utilize.

Fun Fact: I am a twin!

Name: Stephan French

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Position: Chief of Staff

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Specialization: Artificial Intelligence

Minor: Business

Favorite Class: CSCI-C212 because I enjoyed collaborating with my peers on the final project for the class.

Fun Fact: In middle school I lived overseas in Shanghai, China

Name: Cj Rivas

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Position: Director of Communications and Media

Year: Sophomore

Major: Informatics

Minors: Business, Computer Science

Favorite Class: CSCI-B365 – Data Analysis and Mining “I got to push myself in a new programming language with an application of statistics.”

Fun Fact: I build keyboards as a hobby!

Name: Himanshu Joshi

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Position: Secretary

Year: Graduate Student

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Class: Machine Learning class as it is a too diverse field and a lot to explore in all directions

Fun Fact: Exploring the campus and getting lost in it!!

Name: Jalen Ray

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Position: Director of Finance

Year: Sophomore

Major: Informatics

Minors: Business

Favorite Class: My favorite class I took so far is i101 because I got to go over the basics of HTML/CSS, Python, and how to organize data.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is ambidextrous and I like collecting shoes.

Name: Jimi Michael

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Position: Event Coordinator

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Specialization: Artificial Intelligence

Favorite Class: So far, my favorite classes are rock climbing, and data structures and algorithms.

Fun Fact: I love to bike!

Name: Sabid Pias

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Position: Graduate Representative

Year: Graduate Student

Pursuing: Ph.D. in CS

Favorite Class: Algorithm Design and Analysis. The class was interactive and the instructor could relate the topics to real life problems.

Fun Fact: I love playing cricket and I am an amateur content creator.

Name: Izzy Blazey

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Position: Cybersecurity and Global Policy Representative

Year: Sophomore

Major: Cybersecurity and Global Policy

Minor: Computer Science

Favorite Class: INFO-I201 – “This class gave me a new perspective in critical thinking, and a different way of understanding math!”

Fun Fact: I am involved in taekwondo!

Name: Servane Margot Cloteaux

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Position: Computer Science Representative

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Specialization: Systems

Minors: Informatics, Mathematics

Favorite Class: INFO-I360 – Web Design “I really enjoyed being able to code a website and having design choices over the final project.

Fun Fact: I love to ski and have been skiing in France, USA, Austria, and Canada.

Name: Lance Swartzentruber

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Position: Informatics Representative

Year:  Junior

Major:  Informatics

Minors:  Business and Cybersecurity

Favorite Class: CSCI-C291 System Programming with C and UNIX “As an Informatics major, this was my first class in C and it’s challenged me every step of the way. It is definitely hard, but it is good to push myself academically.”

Fun Fact: I owned and operated a candle business during and immediately following my senior year of high school.

Name: Natalie Hartman

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Position: Intelligent Systems Engineering Representative

Year:  Sophomore

Major: Intelligent Systems Engineering

Concentration:  Bioengineering

Favorite Class: Exercise Science I really liked the class for a couple of reasons. One, it was asynchronous so I could do it at my own pace. Two, I love exercising so learning new things about exercising was beneficial to my life. And three, I want to make prosthetics when I graduate and being able to make prosthetics that people can move and be active in is important.

Fun Fact: I am a twin